TBT: “Grandpa (Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days)” by The Judds


The times they are a changing!  Progress and change definitely aren’t bad things (I mean the internet and being able to stream hours of music basically anywhere is pretty great), but sometimes when looking back on the past it does seem like some things were a little better back then.  The Judds highlight some of those things in their 1985 hit, “Grandpa (Tell Me Bout The Good Old Days)”.  The song is definitely a classic with the power to make us all look back fondly on the past and appreciate the simpler times which is necessary every now and then.

The mother daughter group of Naomi and Wynonna Judd joined forces once again for a nine show residency in Las Vegas last October, which was the first time in five years the duo performed together.  Wynonna along with her band The Big Noise also released a solo project earlier this year that taps into Wynonna’s blues and blue grass influences.