Song of the Week: Nestor AnDress “Drunk At A Bar”


With the song title, “Drunk At A Bar” you’re probably expecting one of two things, 1. another heartbreak song or 2. the new theme song to a night out with your buddies, but Nestor AnDress covers neither of those topics in his new song.  He takes a creatively different approach and turns “Drunk At A Bar” into a love song that paints the picture of a strong relationship between a couple who knows how to keep the spark alive.  When asked about the inspiration behind the song, Nestor says, “A kiss between two individuals that are attracted to each other is one of the most intoxicating feelings. In that moment of affectionate expression, nothing in the world matters. That’s what ran through my mind and forced the ink from my pen to the paper when “Drunk at a Bar” was written.”  Give “Drunk At A Bar” a listen below and for more of Nestor’s music grab his new EP Falling In Love now on iTunes and Spotify.  To learn more about this talented new comer check out his website and the interview we did with him back in February.


Written by Jackie Ebnet for