Gary Allan – Set You Free – Pre Order TODAY!

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The highly anticipated album, “Set You Free”  from Gary Allan is now available for Pre-order on iTunes!

Pre-Order today by clicking here, and get a download of, “Bones” instantly!

SET YOU FREE is a classic Gary Allan album, soulful one moment and raucous the next.  Throughout the album Allan’s voice brings to life the ups and downs of love, relationships and rebirth with a renewed sense of passion.


1.“Tough Goodbye” – Josh Thompson/Tony Martin   (Produced by Jay Joyce)

2. “Every Storm (Runs Out Of Rain)”- Gary Allan/Matt Warren/Hillary Lindsey (Produced by Allan/Droman)

3. “Bones” –  Keith Gattis  (Produced by Allan/Droman)

4. “It Ain’t The Whiskey” – Greg Barnhill/Jim Daddario/Cole Degges (Produced by Jay Joyce)

5. “Sand In My Soul” –  The Warren Brothers/Blair Daily (Produced by Allan/Droman)

6. “You Without Me” – Gary Allan/John Lancaster/Rachel Proctor (Produced by Allan/Droman)

7. “One More Time” –  Gary Allan/Matt Warren/Hillary Lindsey (Produced by Jay Joyce)

8. “Hungover Heart” –  Matt Warren/James LeBlanc (Produced by Allan/Wright)

9. “No Worries” –  Gary Allan/Odie Blackmon/Pat McLaughlin  (Produced by Allan/Wright)

10. “Drop” – Joel Shewmake/ Bruce Wallace/Brian White (Produced by Jay Joyce)

11. “Pieces” – Gary Allan/Odie Blackman /Sarah Buxton (Produced Jay Joyce)

12. “Good As New” – Pat McLaughlin/ Billy Burnette (Produced by Allan/Wright)

 The album is set to release on January 22, 2013, but why wait when you can pre-order today!



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