WATCH: Country Artist Shines Light On Suicide Awareness In Brand New Video

White Bear Lake, MN resident and regional country music artist Jake Nelson has just released the brand new music video for his new single “You’re Not Alone”. The single shines light on suicide awareness, a topic many don’t speak about, yet it’s such a big issue in the world we live in. Whether you’re in a hard place, know someone who’s comitted suicide, don’t know much about suicide, or you’re just a country music fan, please take a moment to check out the video below. Do your part in bringing awareness to the topic by sharing this as well. The video includes Jake Nelson’s friends and family, Lakeview Hospital EMS, and more. In excitement for you to check out the video, we won’t keep rambling on, but we will finish with these few things.

    1. Remember, “You’re Not Alone” and save the National Suicide Prevention Hotline number in your phone. You never know when you or someone you know may need it. 1-800-273-8255.
    2. Be sure to keep an eye out for the debut album from Jake Nelson at
    3. SHARE. Do your part to help bring awareness to an issue that is very real, and happens much too often.
    4. WATCH the video below.