TBT: Life Lessons With Garth!

It’s been almost three decades since Garth Brooks debuted his song “Unanswered Prayers” on his “No Fences” album–That’s 1990 for those keeping track.

This song, that Brooks co-wrote with two others, tells the true story of Garth meeting the girl of his dreams many years later after the two had separated and realizing hat he was actually happier with what he had instead of what he thought he wanted.

The song was so loved that there was even a 2010 Lifetime TV movie, Unanswered Prayers, inspired by it. Starring Eric Close and Samantha Mathis, the movie depicts Ben Beck returning to his hometown as a married man and having his marriage tested when he bumps into his old high school flame.

Hear Garth’s true story come to life in “Unanswered Prayers”!