While you’re here, we ask that you please take a moment to check out some of the brief information below regarding LOSS4WORDS. They are a great band to have on our site, and we are proud to have them listed!

LOSS4WORDS was started in the summer of 2009 by lead guitarist, Levi Pelzer.  The band was a three man garage band consisting of three fifteen-year old kids.  Levi wanted to turn the band into a professional and energetic live act, and set out looking for musicians.

After having many different line-up changes and playing shows regularly Levi met lead singer Mike D.  Mike and Levi shared the same passion for playing music and began playing shows every weekend.

Mike and Levi went through many more line-up changes before finding drummer Craig Vogl.  Craig joined the band as a rhythm guitar player and backup vocalist, but after proving his skills on the drum set he became the drummer of LOSS4WORDS.

Glen Borgerding joined the band on January 1st of 2012 as the bass guitarist and vocalist of the group.  Glen’s personality and experience has helped shape LOSS4WORDS.

We at MinnesotaCountry.com couldn’t be happier to have added another great band to be listed on our site!  We hope you go check out a show soon!  If you do make it out to a show, please let us know how it was on Facebook, or Twitter!

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 Website: Click HERE.

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 Booking: E Mail: glenpelzer@gmail.com, or Call: Glen (320)-360-1801

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