Maren Morris Is Becoming Her Own Hero This Summer


One of country music’s coolest new comers, Maren Morris dropped a bombshell of an announcement this morning when she posted that her debut album, Hero, will be available June 3rd!  The album will feature current hit track, “My Church”, along with 10 other songs Maren co-wrote including “I Wish I Was”, which Maren says inspired her to name the album Hero.   “‘I Wish I Was’ is the most autobiographical song on this record and I admittedly was not the hero in that story, but I am the hero in mine. I’ve come such a long way from who I was in Texas, who I am as a writer, who I am as a woman today. I think the message of this record is self acceptance and awareness, and that to me is heroic.”  Besides dropping what is sure to be one of the most anticipated albums of the summer, Maren heads out on tour with Keith Urban and Brett Eldredge for the RipCORD World Tour which makes a stop in Minneapolis on November 5th and tickets are still available.  To hold you over until the June 3rd release date, get your fill of Maren’s catchy, real life lyrics and soulful voice by grabbing her EP on iTunes or streaming it on Spotify.

Written by Jackie Ebnet for