Keith Urban Debuts Third Single Off New Album, RipCORD


Get ready to reminisce about those younger care free days when all you needed was a two lane road and a radio.  Keith Urban released the third single off his upcoming album, RipCORD (set for release on May 6th) and it’s a complete 180 from his touching last single (“Break On Me”).  The new tune, “Wasted Time” has a funky, electronic dance beat complemented with a heavy dose of banjo that you can’t help but groove to.  It perfectly captures that giddy, excited feeling we all get when the days start getting longer and the temperatures start getting warmer signifying the start to summer!

Written by J. Hart, Greg Wells, and Urban himself it sounds like “Wasted Time” came together almost as easy as those lazy summer days Urban is singing about.  “Greg had this cool chord progression, and I grabbed my guitar and started singing a melody. J. suggested the title, and before we knew it, we were talking about growing up and all the things you do, no matter where you are in the world, and the song just took off from there,” Urban says in a press release.  Give it a listen below and get it on iTunes and Spotify now.