Interview: Miss Morgan Myles

By minnesotacountry / January 21, 2016
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Faith, Shania, Morgan…you might not be familiar with the last lady yet, but after you check out her new Miss Morgan Myles EP and her cover of “Girl Crush” I think you’ll agree that Morgan Myles fits right in. With her big voice and country soul mixed with a little R&B sound, Morgan’s EP has a fun and sultry side that reminds us of Faith Hill back when she released “Breathe”. We were excited to connect with Morgan earlier this week to chat about the EP, her musical influences, and what else she has in store for fans in 2016.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Morgan moved to Nashville ten years ago to pursue her passion for music. On why she chose to pursue music as a career, Morgan says, “Well, my mom says from an early age that I just sat down at the piano and started playing and singing, there is no one that’s musical at all in my family, and it was just kind of like this weird calling. I could sing with this big voice and I was this little child and it’s all I wanted to do”. Her mom actually started taking piano lessons with Morgan when she was young and Morgan eventually turned to guitar and has been doing it ever since. “It’s really been quite a journey just trying to figure out how all of it works”.

Not only does she have a big voice, Morgan also has a big heart, which came through when she shared the story behind the name of the EP, “I mean I’m leaving my job as a nanny right now, that’s why I named it Miss Morgan Myles. It’s one of those things, the Miss Morgan Myles, I’m a nanny of two children who lost their mom to ALS three years ago and I was their caretaker and I’ve been with the family for six years and I’m now the guardian of the children. This family we’ve been through so much and it’s any every day thing and I’ve become very proud of being their Miss Morgan. This little Miss in front of my name has come to mean so many different things and the sound of my music is this country soul. Well, in the south, Miss is a very feminine, proper, conservative thing to put in front of your name and then this R&B soul music is more like ‘girl can belt’ and diva and it’s just so funny to me that even my fans are naturally calling me Miss Myles and Miss Morgan Myles so it just became this thing of everyone calling me this and it just all means these different dynamics of who I am”.

Speaking of the EP, Morgan says she can’t pick just one song that is her favorite because they’re all so different and it depends on the mood you’re in. “’Adeline’ is the rebel, cheating and I’m going to get revenge song. The sensual, I love you song is ‘Nobody Better Than You” and then ‘Whiskey Dreaming’ is the empowerment of not going back to that person and you know standing your ground. Then there’s ‘Queen Of Hearts’ which is just the absolute heart-break song and just being in that moment of right when it happens and ‘What You Do To Me’ is your sensual R&B slow jam”.

With the country soul and R&B vibe of the EP, we were curious to find out who some of Morgan’s musical influences are. When asked who she would want to tour with if she could pick anyone, Morgan’s response was, “Chris Stapleton. He’s amazing; he is the leader right now of country soul and he’s bluesy which I am too and I think I can learn a lot from him. I’ve been a big fan of him for like a decade, and now he finally is getting huge and it’s just ridiculous that it’s taken that long, but it’s great that he’s killing it and paving the way for that country soul sound and he’s just a humble, talented, all around performer”.

When looking forward to what else Morgan has coming up in 2016, she shared with us that she just received some exciting news, “we just found out that we charted and I’m the only independent artist on the charts. I couldn’t believe it, I was looking at it and I’m like wait, what? It’s truly amazing, we’re like the little engine that could.”

Morgan hopes listeners see her music as “empowering, and feel that they can relate to me and that I’m just like them. I hope they feel the strength from it and they feel empowered to go out and do what makes them happy”. With that we also asked Morgan if she had any advice to give to others who are chasing their dreams and working to pursue what makes them happy. “Stay positive. I’m a really firm believer that we’re on this earth to do what makes us happy and there’s nothing stopping you but yourself. So, nothing can stop you if you want to do this, it’s going to be hard work, but if you really love what you do and you’re doing it for the right reasons it’s never a day of work and that goes for anything you chose”.

We can’t thank Morgan enough for taking the time to chat with us and we wish her all the best in 2016! We can’t wait to see what the rest of the year has in store for her! To keep up to date with all things Morgan Myles follow her on Twitter and Instagram @morganmyleslive, on Snapchat, user name MorganMylesLive, and you can sign up to join her fan club for free on her website. Grab her EP, Miss Morgan Myles on iTunes and Spotify today.


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